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Buying a military watch can be dilemma and a massive confusing situation. One of the team member in our staff team went through this trauma. We are calling such a huge word because he bought something not really worth the money. Therefore, he had to sell his military watch back and get a new one. This time we decided to help him out and did a thorough search to review military watches on the  amazon but we could not differentiate what’s really worth it.

Luckily this website by name TellmeBest Military watch guide save the day for us. The wrist strap has to be comfortable when you are buying the military watch do check this feature out. Another important fact is the power. Your watch can be solar or battery powered. We would prefer solar powered as it would last long and lower cost of power is always good. We do not want to change the battery every now or then. Yes GPS is good but it will eat out the battery at much faster rate then its actual worth.

Another important part is the sensors in your watch. All sensors are usually meant to allow you to locate where you are or allow you to predict what kind of whether change you should expect. Sudden change of temperature is an indication of strong incoming rainfall. Your watch should also be shockproof and should last after a strong low . The waterproofing on your watch should also be ensure.

Among other important points  you should also consider the watch if it is analog or digital, design should also be appealing and your watch should be accurate. It should not lose or gain time over time. Do not compromise on the durability of your military watch. It should last long by that we mean to say that you should be able to use it for at least a decade. This is why military watches are made. The night vision is a special capability and enable to see what is the time at night time. Usually fluorescent materials are used in the watch that enable the dials to glow at night and makes the watch night vision which is quite cool feature if it is included in your military watch. So read the detailed review at tell me best and decide what you want to buy and what suits your style expectation of the military watch the most.


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