Rain Barrel Review

Rain Barrel Review

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Rain Barrel Review

Algreen Castilla Rain Barrel Survey

When gathering rain water, it is imperative to keep the water in a protected container and to make beyond any doubt that gathering and releasing of water comes easy. The Castilla Algreen Rain Barrel has all these capacities, and more! It has added features, for example, a metal nozzle (faucet) and a non-destructive screen. It also has an outlet at the back to allow water-share with other water barrels.

Basic Features and Specs

Elegant Castilla plan with authentic earthenware like surface

Made from reused, sans bpa roto-formed polyethylene

Tar material won’t chip or fade, and is without maintenance

Accompanies watering features: aâ top notch brass nozzle and a garden hose fitting.

Dual water floods at the rear allow for abundance water to escape rain barrel

Decorative planter feature making it novel from other rain barrels

50-gallon water capacity

Here is a snappy video demonstrating the basic features of this outstanding low profile rain barrel.

Measurements and Capacities

Thing Measurements 33″ x 23″ x 23″

Thing Weight 14 pounds

Water capacity 50 gallons

The Details

Algreen Castilla Rain Barrel in Terra Cotta

Algreen Castilla Rain Barrel in Terra Cotta

Algreen Rain Water Barrel is a 50 gallon barrel that gathers rain water in one two ways: either however rain drops, or however downspouts routedâ to the barrel. Go To Home Stay With its implicit screen, this unit can keep unwanted materials from getting into the barrel, for example, leaves, large creepy crawlies and other organic or non-organic materials. The attached nozzle and the lower drain release water quickly.


Algreen Castilla Rain Water Barrel is available in five attractive hues, and is made in a basic classic ceramics container plan. The lookâ feels practically ancient, and will mix in virtually any patio or garden condition.

Additionally, the fact that this unitâ fills a dual need use as a rain barrel planter makes it significantly more attractive.

One thing to note: there may be significant value variations between the hues on these Amazon rain barrels, so check costs on the off chance that you don’t really care what shading want.


Algreen Castilla Rain Barrel Planter

Algreen Castilla Rain Barrel Planter

Not at all like any other typical rain barrels, the upper cover has a dual reason – a water intake opening with a defensive, non-destructive screen, and a mount for a plant! The addition of a planter mount enhances the esthetics of this barrel, and makes it mix in with whatever remains of the yard and garden without screamingâ appalling plastic rain gatherer.

For water extraction, the Castilla has two drains, an upper drain and lower drain and two accesses for water sharing between different barrels. The upper drain is the place the nozzle or the faucet is mounted. The lower drain fitting has spout which attaches to a standardâ garden hose.

The gathered rain water could be utilized to water plants and lawns, clean cars, and to supply water for scaled down irrigation along herb and vegetable beds.


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