[OPINION] A Few Suggestions for KOVO V-League (in South Korea)

[OPINION] A Few Suggestions for KOVO V-League (in South Korea)

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[OPINION] A Few Suggestions for KOVO V-League (in South Korea)

I grew up watching a great deal of genius ball and baseball. Throughout the years, I have possessed the capacity to watch volleyball and soccer also. The following are some of my contemplations with respect to genius volleyball in South Korea at this moment. These are quite recently broad perceptions. (Full revelation: I don’t have a clue about the standards 100%. Like positional shortcomings… )

  1. In/Out Calls and Video Challenges

This season, I saw KOVO has turned out to be much more permissive with calling touchy balls “in.” I some of the time feel they go too far and call balls that have not touched any piece of the line “in.” as to challenges, I saw on uncommon events they get it thoroughly off-base. KLAW To me, the control ought to be: in the event that you can’t generally tell (without a doubt) even in the wake of watching the replays a few times, the first call stands. It isn’t right to upset such calls. Watch video cut above.

  1. KOVO Tryouts (for Non-Korean Players)

Korean fans appear to be extremely part, yet I like the present framework. I like it since it makes the season more unusual (and along these lines more fun). For instance, the men’s season at the present time (when contrasted with last season). To me, the accessibility of cash ought not manage excessively the general accomplishment of a group. Having said this, I do feel the compensation for men and ladies ought to be equivalent. (At the present time, men get more.) An individual inquiry I have is: the way receptive are the head mentors and staff at the tryout. What amount do tryout exhibitions really impact determination… (I ask in light of the fact that a few fans feel their appraisal of the players can be faulty.) Meanwhile, I read that beginning from next season, KOVO is disposing of both the North America and age qualification confinements (at the present time 26 max) for ladies non-Korean players.


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