How to see EPF UAN Passbook?

How to see EPF UAN Passbook?

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How to see EPF UAN Passbook?

Sometime in the distant past, you could know your EPF Account points of interest just once every year when the EPF office gave a printed explanation — numerous months after the fruition of the Financial Year.

Be that as it may, in the course of the most recent couple of years, Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has experienced a sensational change.

Truth be told its transformation, from a revolting caterpillar to a delightful butterfly, is genuinely fabulous.

A portion of the progressive changes presented by EPFO incorporate

– Receiving SMS of your EPF Account adjust on your cell phone, through an online facility;(See ‘Have you checked your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Account balance?’).

– Downloading your nitty gritty e-passbook on the web

– Online Transfer of your PF Account starting with one business then onto the next (which, UAN Login before, was an amazingly lumbering and tedious issue)

– Withdrawal of your PF adjust inside a matter of days

– Online following of your claim status

– Direct credit of your cash to your financial balance, rather than sitting tight for a check

– Last, yet not the minimum, is the presentation of Universal Account Number (UAN).

Likewise, the prior procedure of enrollment on the EPFO site and downloading your passbook has experienced an uncommon change.

This changed methodology, to download your e-passbook, is point by point beneath.

Step 1 is to get your UAN and the Member ID from your boss; as likewise the versatile number you would have enrolled with EPFO.

On the other hand, you would know be able to your UAN and its Status from the old Member ID (you can get this from your old PF Account Statement).


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